Cycle trails

cycle trails




Discover Old Holland just North of Amsterdam!

How it works…

For some of the cycle trails you can pick up a bike at Central Station. But some of the trails start in the middle of Laag Holland. Don’t worry, every cycle trail includes directions of how to reach your destination from Amsterdam CS either by train or bus. It also tells you where you can rent a bicycle, so that you can be on your way quickly (Please book in advance!)
You cycle the trail with the help of the so-called junction system. A junction is a uniquely numbered spot where two cycle paths cross each other. The trails in this book are set out on the basis of these numbers. The only thing you have to do is follow the numbers in the sequence in which they are presented. You can recognise the junctions by the green and white signs along the way.
Last but not least some recommendations for the road. After all, you need to stretch your legs now and then. For every trail we include a number of tips, varying from the best places to eat to not-to-be-missed local attractions.

How does the bicycle junction system work?
A bicycle junction network is really simple: you cycle along a trail by following the signs from the one numbered junction to the next numbered junction. At each junction there is an Information Panel with a map. The direction and the number of the next junction on your way are given on the trail signs between the junctions.

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