Discover Old Holland just North of Amsterdam by bicycle!


This website contains twelve cycle trails that meander criss-cross through Laag Holland. The picturesque image that many foreigners have of the Netherlands really does exist at just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam. Whether you are looking for that traditional Dutch landscape, want to enjoy fresh food or discover the illustrious past where land and water competed for first place: this is the place to find it! Cycle along the straight lines of the reclaimed land of the Beemster or meander through the peat meadowlands. Enjoy the picturesque fishing villages like Marken, Edam and Volendam and soak up endless vistas with the contours of the narrow church towers and mills etched onto the horizon. Listen to the birds chirp and bees buzz and moo along with the cows. No one will hear you. Catch your breath at one of the many tea gardens. Oh, it is so beautiful here…


Cycle trail of the month

Windmill Trail

The Windmill Trail is a bike tour that takes you over old sea beds. Yes, that’s right, because in the seventeenth century two old inland seas were drained and turned into flat, fertile agricultural land.