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Special places as you go

Under Sea Level Trail

The little Dik Trom school

Between 1883-1902, C. Joh. Kieviet taught at this little old school. In the adjoining teacher’s house, he wrote his first book about Dik Trom the scallywag with the big heart.

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Just as in the past, the little school only has one classroom. The old school desks, potbelly stove, nostalgic blackboard and clogs under the coat rack, take you back in time.
In the large bookcase, apart from the various publications of Dik Trom books, you find many more C. Joh. Kieviet books. In addition, the Children’s Book Museum collection also includes children’s books from before 1940.
Besides the permanent collection there is a continuously changing exhibition.
Children are allowed to dress up as Ot and Sien in clogs. If they want, they can sit at one of the school desks and write with a fountain pen or with a pencil on a slate


Etersheim 8A
1474 MT Oosthuizen

Opening hours

Saturday and Sunday
11.00 – 16.00 hours
From Easter through September also
Wednesday and Friday
11.00 – 16.00 hours

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Under Sea Level Trail